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Below is a convenient list of links to resources that have been posted on my Earth Science Guy web site. I add a new post every week, so check back often . . . Or sign up here to receive an email notification when a new post is added (once per week). You can access other resources through Rodney's Homepage for Earth Science Teachers.

Astronomy Animations and Interactives
Retrograde Animation
Glaciers of the American West
Glacier Animations
SNOTEL Sites Monitor Snowpack
Washington Landslide Interactive Graphic
Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964
Craters of the Moon Lava Flow Animation
Carbon Cycle Tutorial
Earth History in One Calendar Year (blog)
Transgression Animation (deposition)
Determine the Density of Igneous Rocks
Amazing Real-Time Wind, etc. Animation
Outcropping of Gneiss in Montana
Space Probe Nearing Pluto
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
The Polar Vortex
Excellent Earth Science Teacher's Site
64-yd Field Goal in Denver's Thin Air
Scary Geology Project
Moving Heat Interactive
D-News Videos
Hommocks Earth Science Site
Volcanic Eruption Viewed from Space
Colorado Floods of 2013
60 Second Adventures in Astronomy
History of Climate Change Tutorial
Solar System Bracelets
Eclipse Animation
Rock Cycle Tutorial
How "The Greatest Image Ever" Was Made
World's Largest Erratic
Consequences of Overfishing Our Oceans
Floodplain/Oxbow Animation
Bakken Oil Boom
Catchy Animated Groundwater Cartoon
Introductory Puzzle Activities (Geology)
Clever Density Demonstration
Latent Heat Activity Provides Eureka Moment
Can we predict earthquakes? (4-min. video)
Plate Tectonics Animations
The Day the Mesozoic Died (free video)
Lightning Strike Captured in Super-Slow-Motion
Mesmerizing Wind Animation
Great Convection Lab
Island Watershed Activity
USA at Night
Katrina Storm Surge Animation
Tornado Deaths Through the Years Interactive
What causes jet streams?
Concretions: An Interesting Stop on the Rock Cycle
Quality Online Courses for Earth Science Teachers
Role of the Moon on D-Day
See Vapor in the Atmosphere
Phases of Venus Animation
UV Beads for Experimentation
Microburst Blows Down Forest
SciShow YouTube Channel
Relative humidity PenCast
Make an Accurate Model of the Earth-Moon System
NASA ScienceCasts
Scale of the Universe Interactive
NASA Earth Observatory
Whipped Topping Ozone Demo
Snake Butte in North-Central Montana
Tides Animation
Milankovitch Cycles
Map of Recent Earthquakes
Online Geology Labs
Amazing Cloud Demo
Volcano World Website
Earth Science PowerPoints
USGS Water Science for Schools
Radiometric Dating Resources
Geologic Time Scale
Moon Phase Tutorial
Paleogeography Site
Solstice Animations
The Bear Who Stole the Chinook
Brinicles Video
Rock Cycle PenCast
Can-Crush Activity
Science Daily for the Latest Research News
Colorful Real Time Weather Maps
Impressive Aerial Images of the West
Cloud Lab
Go Inside an Ice Cave
What can you see in the sky tonight?
El Nino PenCast
Lake Nyos Gas Density Demo
What if the Sun were the size of a golf ball?
Earth Science Share-A-Thon
Rhinos in Nebraska?
Where Electricity Comes From
Ice Wedging Activity
The Jet Stream and Japanese Balloon Bombs
Make the H-R Diagram Easier to Understand
Carbon Footprint Discussion
Show the True Shape of Earth's Orbit
Refraction Demonstration
See Where the Planets Are Now or In the Past
Varves of Glacial Lake Great Falls
Ocean Currents Demo

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