These photos were taken in north-central Montana during a kayak trip through the White Cliffs of the Missouri in October 2012. We put in at Coal Banks near Big Sandy and got out at Judith Landing near Winifred (2.5-day trip). Our first night we camped at the Eagle Creek Campground. The photos on this page were taken during an evening hike in the Eagle Creek area. Although this is about 150 miles from the Metra, this is part of the same Eagle sandstone formation found in Billings. (top photo by Tyler Hollow, bottom photo by Forrest Anderson) To see 45 more photos from our trip, CLICK HERE.

Below: Here is another concretion. This photo was taken on my second annual trip in October 2013 several miles downstream from the location shown in the top two photos.



By Rod Benson
Earth Science Teacher at Helena High School


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