Earth Science Videos by Rod Benson

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Latent Heat Activiity Provides Eureka Moment

Scenes from "Ringing Rocks" near Butte, Montana

An ice cave in the Big Snowy Mountains near Lewistown.

Scenes from "Ringing Rocks" near Butte, Montana

Scenes from "Big Ice Cave" in the Pryor Mountains

Latent Heat Captured on Video!

Helena Valley Temperature Inversion

Atmosphere Crushes Can!

Convection Causes Wind: Part I

Lost Lake (associated with Glacial Lake Great Falls)

Scenes from the Belt Meteor Crater

Convection Causes Wind: Part II

The Boiling Stones Demonstration

The "Birds and Bees" of Ponderosa Pine Trees

Lake Nyos (gas density) Demonstration

Refraction Demonstration (shown above)

A Wind Generator Demonstration

The Spoutin' Fountain Demonstration

The Ultimate Cloud Demonstration

Recipe For A Cloud Activity

Ocean Density Currents Demonstration

Salinity-Density Demonstration

No pots? No pans? No problem.


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