Montana Earth Science Picture of the Week:
Put your name and visitor number on the line above. Scroll down to find the picture assigned for this week. Click on it.

1. What is the title of the picture?

Where is the area shown in the image located? Be as specific as possible.

Read the explanation beneath the picture, and then come up with two questions about what you’ve just read. Each question must begin with the word “why.” Write your questions in the space below, and then provide correct answers.

2. question: Why . . .


3. question: Why . . .


4. Select one of the terms listed near the bottom of the computer screen. Use a dictionary, your textbook, or the Internet to find the definition of the term as it is used in Earth Science. The definition must be in YOUR OWN WORDS. Use words that you understand!


5. Next, complete the following statement. Do not provide an answer.
One thing about this topic that I do not understand is (begin with why, or how) . . .


After you have completed the questions above, you can earn 2 extra credit points by showing the “picture of the week” to a parent or guardian. Explain it to them, and then have them sign below to indicate that you’ve done this.

until the student has shown you the picture AND explained it.