Virtual Field Trips

Click on one of the Hot Links below to view the virtual field trips or to see past "Montana Earth Science Pictures of the Week". Crown Butte is an interesting plutonic formation that will help students understand how volcanism and erosion helped shape the land in central Montana (see photo at bottom of this page). Mann Gulch is the site of a 1949 wildfire that killed several smokejumpers. It is the topic of Norman Maclean's book called Young Men and Fire. *Some of the virtual field trips include worksheets that you can download and print out. Links to the worksheets will appear near the top of the field trip web pages.


Crown Butte* (see photo below)
The Madison Formation*
Montana Earthquakes*
Mann Gulch (Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean)
How the Ice Age Helped Shape Montana*
Ashfall Fossil site in Nebraska (Ancient rhinos, etc)
Rodneys Homepage for Earth Science Teachers
Montana Earth Science Pictures*

Check out the LINES to LANDFORMS Kit available from WARDS.

The kit includes materials to build and display models of Mt. St. Helens "before and after" its eruption, as well as a model of Crown Butte (shown above).


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