4. The Last Ride

This is the C-47 that transported the men from Missoula, Montana to Mann Gulch on August 5, 1949. Several years ago it was returned to the Museum of Mountain Flying in Missoula.

Maclean had these insights about the what goes on in the mind of a man about to jump out of a C-47 . . .

They know they are about to live or die on a man-made substitute for wings furnished by the government. They start saying to themselves, as if it never occurred to them before, "What the hell does the government know about making a parachute that will open five seconds after it starts to fall? Not a damn thing. They just farm it out to some fly-by-night outfit that makes the lowest bid."

NOTE: One lucky smokejumper was so sick from the turbulent flight that he was unable to make the jump into Mann Gulch.

5. NEXT: August 5th, 1949


1. Welcome to Mann Gulch.
2. Views from across the Missouri River
3. Hiking Mann Gulch
4. The C-47
5. NEXT: August 5th, 1949
6. The Final Journey Begins
7. Fire Crosses the Gulch.
8. The Blow-Up.
9. The race is on.
10. Dodge sets an escape fire.
11. Views from the Ridge.
12. The Crevice
13. Rescue Gulch
14. The Morning After
15. The Men of Mann Gulch
16. More About Mann Gulch
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